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Seed Processing Is Precious For Us.

The Jam Jam Group forayed into the Seed Processing, Seed Conditioning & Seed Treatment business since 2001. Started by techno-entrepreneurs with rich experience in seed handling, it is committed to grow from strength to strength on the back of solid performance, adoption of the latest technologies, building up a team of trained professionals and a determination to delight customers.

Seed Conditioning

Jam Jam Group delivers its customers only with seeds of highest quality standards. Sorting out seed lots is an important first step after reception of the seed. All undesired parts, such as plant parts, soil parts, broken seed, damaged seed, dust and weed seeds are removed in the pre-cleaner. After pre-cleaning, the seed is moved to the fine-cleaner and to de-stoner where soil and heavier particles are removed. Grading is carried out to remove all undersized seeds, only right size seeds will be collected. If required Seeds are passed through seed sizer to ensure right size of the seeds. The seeds are further processed through the gravity separator to eliminate the dull and light weight seeds. Also, non matured seeds that of right size but light weight are also removed in this process, resulting in a high quality seeds.

Seed Treatment

Jam Jam Group delivers customers with fast emergence and healthy seedling development. In film coating process, a polymer with various components is used to apply active ingredients to the seed in single or multi layers. The active ingredients used for the coating are fungicides and/ or insecticides in combination with color agents. The dosing of chemicals are maintained accurate to prevent excess or under treatment of seeds. The added coloring indicates that the seed was treated and colored seeds are easier to identify in the soil. These treatments can offer young plants protection against pests and diseases.

Why Choose Us !

On me market reachability

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Flexible solution to match any client requirement 2 TPH - 25 TPH Processing capacity to choose from

REDUCE LOGISTIC BURDEN As our processing units and storage units are in close proximity across Hyderabad.


12 LOCATIONS in Hyderabad and Raipur.